More and more people are selling and buying cars from car companies that only act as middlemen – without taking responsibility for the car.
– Intermediary sales are problematic. It appears comfortable and safe.
But in reality, the seller pays many thousands of kroner to the car company at the same time as taking on a greater legal responsibility,
 says lawyer Jens Christian Riege at NAF Advokat in an interview to

Ebil1 wants to listen to NAF.
It is better that the risk of trading vehicles lies with Ebil1, who is a professional player, than that our customers should be exposed to this risk.

Our process for exchanging vehicles is that the car goes through the Ebil1 Quality Check

Ebil1 Quality Check contains:

• NAF test on your car to reveal mechanical faults and corrosion on the bodywork.
In the event of rectification of mechanical deviations, the costs for repair will fall to the customer, but you can use our good agreements for rectification, and that Ebil1 organizes the whole thing near you.
The price for the NAF test is NOK. NOK 2,250

• Cosmetic check and photo. Ebil1 carries out a thorough check of the bodywork and paint, including paint cleaning and removal of light streaks. Dents and damage to paintwork that is revealed can be repaired for an additional fee. The customer can take advantage of our good deals on repairs near the customer. Professional photographer takes cars off your car.
The price for a cosmetic check and photo is NOK. NOK 3,750

• Advertising and sales – Ebil1 takes care of all advertising and finds the right buyer for your car. Ebil1 buys the car before resale, so that we take the legal responsibility towards the buyer.
Price for advertising and sales is NOK. NOK 9,990

Full package NOK NOK 15,990

By using the Ebil1 Quality Check, we believe that the customer will increase the value of the car and is crucial to achieving a good price – as well as avoiding tiresome complaints. Ebil1 believes private individuals normally lose between 20-25 thousand on selling the car themselves. This is based on the fact that it has been documented that the dealer achieves on average NOK 35 – 40,000 more for the car than in a private sale. The cost of extended warranty and paint cleaning are costs that increase the value by more than the actual cost. Rectification of mechanical faults in the NAF test will normally be more affordable as you can use Ebil1’s agreements.

Extended warranty

Cars that have gone through the Ebil1 Quality Check and made improvements that are absolutely necessary get access to buy an extended warranty of up to 10 years and 200,000 km – which increases the value of your car when sold.
Price for 1 year and 200,000 km is NOK 9,990

Example 1

Car older than 5 years Trade-in Tesla Model X 75D 01/02/2018 selling price NOK 430,000 incl. 1 year extended warranty 200 thousand km.
• Reg. tax NOK 4,147
• Ebil1 “Quality Check” sales and advertising NOK 15,990 •
Extended warranty NOK 9,990
• Trade-in price approx. NOK 400,000 We will buy it from you when we have a buyer for the car.

Example 2

Car 1-4 years Trade-in Tesla Model X 75D 01.05.2019 selling price NOK 510,000
• Reg. tax NOK 4,147
• Ebil1 “Quality Check” sales and advertising NOK 15,990
• Trade-in price approx. NOK 490,000, – we will buy it from you when we have a buyer for the car.

Example 3

New car Trade-in Tesla model Y Long range 01.01.2023 selling price NOK 669,000
• Ebil1 Sales and advertising NOK 9,990. Including photo and washing.
• Trade-in price approx. NOK 659,000, we will buy it from you when we have a buyer for the car.

In the unlikely event that we are unable to sell your car, you will only pay the actual costs we incurred with the NAF test and preparation for sale. As a customer, you will be able to use the NAF test if you want to sell the car yourself. You also get Ebil1’s “Quality Check” certificate
Actual cost is NOK. NOK 6,900 plus any repairs that have been carried out.
You then get your car back, shined from top to toe and with a recently carried out NAF test.
We recommend everyone to take their time when buying a new car. Today’s situation means that the price of used cars is falling, which we who carry out daily sales are well aware of.
Our clear recommendation is to list your car for sale through us as early in the process as possible.
Then you can get the most for your car and you get to use the car until we have found a buyer. After it has been sold, your dream car has probably also become cheaper.