NAF Test upon sale

NAF – Norwegian Automobile Federation

NAF Test is a thorough condition report of the vehicle’s technical condition.
As a seller, you have a duty to provide information and a NAF Test is a good basis.

Obvious errors and deficiencies that are discovered after a sale is a known problem both for the Consumer Council and the NAF lawyers. A condition report can save you from unforeseen costs and worries.

The seller has a duty to provide information when selling, and the NAF Test is a good basis.
NAF Test gives a neutral assessment of the car and provides peace of mind for the buyer.
Good documentation reduces the risk of conflict after the sale.
The test can be published together with the car ad on

ATTENTION. The service applies to private cars, not motorhomes or larger vehicles.

Important control points:

  • Light
  • Brakes
  • Wheel suspension
  • Steerin
  • Undercarriage
  • Engine/drive unit
  • Bodywork/interior
  • Diagnosis*

The test also includes personal advice, and as an additional product “assessment of asking price**” can be ordered. As a customer, you receive a NAF test report with a summary of all the test results. This documentation should be used when selling the vehicle.

*Diagnosis = extract of registered messages on the vehicle’s electronics via diagnostic connector OBD = On-Board Diagnostics. The EU introduced OBD requirements in 2001 for petrol cars, and 2004 for diesel cars.
** Assessment of the asking price is based on the applicable encyclopedia and the results of the test carried out